Privacy Icon Database (Beta)


Inspired by the alpha release of Aza Raskin's privacy icons, we are developing a website and browser extension that work together to inform users about the most important aspects of the privacy policies of the websites they visit.

While having simplified, binding privacy icons could be useful, few companies will voluntarily disclose their privacy policies in clear language and in plain sight. And until some system of privacy icons becomes standardized and incentivized, no company would ever display the negative versions of these icons. Our solution is to let consumers categorize websites' privacy policies themselves, making these ratings available on this website and as a browser extension.

We have initially populated our database with a handful of popular or interesting examples. However, the only way to handle an abritrarily large data set is to crowdsource the problem: any user can classify new websites or correct existing classifications. The icons shown are based on a majority vote among all classifications submitted by users.